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Wall of Love

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Apostle Joel Anderson
Welcome to the Light
Simone Williams
Since I have joined Lighted Candle I have been feeling that I am walking into my Life‘s purpose. Everyday I am eager to find out how this journey will unfold. I have felt more now than ever that my Soul‘s Mission is getting closer, and in the name of Jesus Christ... I‘m ready!
Minister Deborah Anderson
I love this church because it is built on the most fundamental principle, which is love. People from all walks of life can enter and feel the warmth. The presence of the Holy Spirit is always there, and praise and worship get you going. Apostle Joel is blessed with wisdom, which he imparts to everyone as the Lord leads him. If you haven‘t yet, visit, get baptized in Jesus‘ name, and light your candle.
Debra Green
Lighted Candle Tele Church is a global ministry that embraces all people around the world. The spiritual approach to educate, inspire and to create change is just what we need.
I enjoy the TeleChurch because it is pivotal to the new world that we are living in. Spirituality meets technology as we invite you to view. Inquire and join our international vision.