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paul pr
No longer suffer from fodmaps issues due to knowledge using this app.
The narrative within the food items gave context on how the food could be consumed even if the item is low to high in fodmaps. Some other apps are too binary using traffic lights for example.
Our response to foods are different between individuals so putting the food in context with someone with fodmap issues, is more effective than traffic lights.
The Fodmap trust index was also helpful in evaluating the food item as a potential risk.
Search facility was fast and the app generally easy to use.
5 stars!
Nath Lee
Thank you and congratulations on the many additions, it‘s a Herculean task! Thank you for everything you do for us! I use the app almost daily.
Tim Merbanks
I‘ve decided not to renew my subscription to Fodmapedia, but I want to express my gratitude for all the helpful advice. It really helped me manage my issues after taking antibiotics. Kudos to your site for letting me enjoy eating again, just in a new way!
Joseph A Kaminski
I love Fodmapedia and have been a premium member for 2 years. Just when I think I‘ve memorized all the foods that are good or bad for me, I realize I need to look something up. Fortunately I can. I can‘t get by without it! Thank you for your large database that‘s so complete and so easy to use. I am truly grateful for it and live a much more fulfilling life.
I really appreciated being able to test the tool for free, and the subscription price is very reasonable and affordable. The amount of food tested is phenomenal, and the explanations (outside the database, like the "about" pages and links to other sources) are really comprehensive and helped me a lot to understand the source of my problems. Thank you very much for your work, it has opened my eyes to the complexity of nutrition in general as well as helped me understand how my own body works.
Wendy Reynold
I really appreciate your site, which is educational and very easy to use. I refer to it several times a day.
I am still in phase 1 of the diet. It‘s really difficult and requires a lot of discipline. The information you provide helps a lot in understanding the reasons for the restrictions. I hope to move to phase 2 soon.
A tool you can‘t do without in your pocket. I appreciate the detailed work on each food, depending on how it has been processed or cooked, which allows us to be precise and have a more varied and satisfying diet. The color code, the points, it‘s smart!
I don’t have the opportunity to use my subscription at the moment. I will resume it when I have more time to benefit from it, and this has nothing to do with the quality of what you offer.
What I have used the most and still use is the food search feature! It’s very convenient; I use it more than the Monash University app because I find there are more options and explanations.
Paul Z.
I enjoyed that it was quite exhaustive, done by someone clearly passionate. Additional useful info by emails and responsive person behind the app. Great freemium model and pricing was also very reasonable. I liked the pictures to get a quick visual on the quantities to take.
Thanks for everything
Jessica Morales
Fodmapedia very comprehensive and accurate (so many missing foods in the Monash app I also have), it‘s truly a relief to have found this resource! Thank you for all your work and best of luck.