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Jessica Morales
Fodmapedia very comprehensive and accurate (so many missing foods in the Monash app I also have), it‘s truly a relief to have found this resource! Thank you for all your work and best of luck.
​It was a very good app to use in the early days of the diet when I needed to check what I could and couldn‘t eat in a very precise way. I seem to remember you checked out a product for me that wasn‘t listed and got back to me quickly. Best wishes.
I‘ve only just begun to use Fodmapedia but already find it more useful than another fodmap app I have also tried. I like the steps as well as the ability to search a fairly thorough list of ingredients. Also, they are quick to respond and do the research when you ask about an ingredient/food that is not already in the database.
Ioana Mardare
Very helpful tool during my Fodmap diet. I used it almost daily for 3 months because it was the only way to know what was safe to eat. I recommend it to anyone who is going through they IBS search!
This is a very helpful and well run site.
1) resource is run by a curious amateur rather than a convinced ‘professional’ (who may have no better information available, but has something else to sell)
2) uses multiple sources
3) openness to questions (and responded to one of my questions)
4) happy to say "we don‘t know" – from everything I have read everywhere from credible sites, there is a great deal of uncertainty due to certain foods not tested and variability, both natural in raw foods and between brands: pretending otherwise would be disingenuous
5) translating grams/cups etc into pictures - I could weigh everythingand keep cutting bits off, but I still can‘t fit a turnip into a cup (without grating or mashing it) - but I can eyeball a picture of a turnip and say "close enough"... Monash can‘t tell me the profile of my exact Turnip... even if I were in Australia, they still couldn‘t...
6) premium page also says who the service is not for before you sign up... and is up front about the fact that most people use premium service for a limited time
I really appreciated being able to test the tool for free, and the subscription price is very reasonable and affordable. The amount of food tested is phenomenal, and the explanations (outside the database, like the "about" pages and links to other sources) are really comprehensive and helped me a lot to understand the source of my problems. Thank you very much for your work, it has opened my eyes to the complexity of nutrition in general as well as helped me understand how my own body works.
Laura mckenzie
Brilliant app. I liked the fact that you detailed foods that were European or American and therefore not on the Monash App. I also liked your can-do attitude whereby if a food was not on the list, you would research it and give us an idea of the FODMAPS present.
I also liked the fact that I could communicate easily with you with any issues.
Thanks so much for your support & help.
Karen Miller
I went premium because your app seemed more user friendly than the Monash University and the steps on how to begin and how to implement foods when it is time will be helpful to me.
You have a great resource which I have thoroughly used to refine my diet. I have my issues well managed so no longer required. If I need more help in the future, I will be sure to return. Thanks.
I highly recommend this app especially as the Monash app was researched & developed in Australia hence there are quite a few foods that we eat in the UK that are not listed on it. eg., blackcurrants. This is where the Fodmapedia app is brilliant. Clearly , the developer conducts his own in-depth research to determine if missing Monash app foods are low or high FODMAP. Definitely worth paying the fee in my opinion. Highly recommend.