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Wall of Love

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Aadeel Khan
linkedin has awesome legal docs + legal wizards/services on its website! Especially its FREE U.S. Non-Immigrant Visa Application Legal Wizard [Global][link] which is right on point for my current business needs.
Ashraf Said
google‘s website is an incredible treasure trove of information! The depth and clarity of the content provided are truly impressive. It‘s evident that a lot of effort and expertise has gone into curating such a valuable resource. Thank you for creating a platform that’s engaging and very informative. Highly recommended.
Avish Sharma
Upon reviewing the Defamation Lawsuit Wizard[link] I must say that the automation at Blue Ocean is both legally insightful and technically smooth... I particularly like the detailed legal aspects (e.g., claim elements and limitation period logic, etc.) you have incorporated 👍🏽
Alex Ch.
An illegal website is trying to use our name [a US-hosted duplicate of the entire business eCommerce Website] to gain advantages and scam customers. All the major search engines ignore it. James has initiated a DMCA Takedown[link] and will resolve the issue within one week. [Details Added for Clarity]. He understands how things work and knows the reason behind the issue.
Frederick (Fred) Cox
Thank you for giving your time to speak to me earlier today about drafting a Deed of Family Arrangement. I have found that, through Blue Oceans‘ new way of working, legal services are much more accessible, transparent and affordable.
Stefan Kent
The self serve resources on the website that they offer also gave me a chance to do a bit of my own research and calm my nerves at 3am. The FREE Legal Health Check[link] was great! There`s a lot of things in my business that I didn`t realize needed attention. Saved me a bit of cash having to consult a commercial lawyer asking basic questions.
Firmchecker [R.I.P.]
An up-and-coming, innovative firm that does things differently. Blue Ocean takes an interdisciplinary approach to its personal + commercial law practice to ensure you’re getting what you + your company needs. It has a growing list of [350+] automated 24/7 personal + business legal documents with Embedded Lawyer-Logic™ …
Darren Blinn
Very patient. Responsive to the needs of my company. "Was very accomodating with my requirements" - Professional, scientific & technical services industry
Rod Middleton
Fabulous lawyer, professional, sincere and genuine...highly recommended. Other lawyers shied away from our tough case but James took it on with verve and vigor. With a highly qualified support team, James has paved the way to settle our case. James has keen attention to detail and a good ability to problem solve. The client has to make the final decisions on matters and quality advice is essential if the correct decisions are to be made, that‘s what you get from James. I cannot recommend James and Blue Ocean Law Group enough, they are pinnacles in the profession!
Hamish Findlater
FREE Titan Lawyer [Private AI] Demo[link] Use case: In terms of workflow and getting something back that is actionable, I think this works. It would support me in turning around the document. Would like to play with it some more if I can think of documents and use cases to throw at it.