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Wall of Nonsense

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My App Store is running me mad, I want to download a free app and it’s insisting I add card details. Then it proceeds to reject every card I try ?
Ben Dodson
App Store fun for the day. Submitted an app update for 6 language learning apps which all use the same codebase (just a config file to change which language user is learning). 2 apps approved, 4 apps weren‘t. Rejected for generic What‘s New text and questions around registration
Thomas T. Thai
@Apple wants their 30% internet tax on all NFT transfers and rejected Coinbase app update in the App store. Yet, their in-app system doesn‘t support crypto.

Apple‘s duopoly needs to end.
Apple‘s "pirating" with their 30% internet tax needs to end.
Henry Paulino
@t3dotgg I didn’t know the App Store allows “coming soon” in update descriptions. I’ve been rejected before for describing features that were not currently included in the app
Joe Kimberlin
app store review rejected my macOS gametrack update because they couldnt find the “profile” item in the sidebar, sending me this screenshot.

they just need to scroll down the sidebar…
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Durov openly criticizes Apple due to the App Store’s strict rules. Updates of Telegram’s iOS app have multiple times been rejected by Apple for violating some of the company’s guidelines, such as replicating the iOS emoji design