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App Store Horror Stories

Luis Wenus
Built product, a lot of hype around it, and stuck in app store review for 1.5 months now. lost so much momentum...

they claim we need to attach a "medical app license" - no such thing exists in the country we are launching it.
All I wanted for Xmas this year was for Apple to stop fucking with developers, trying to turn them upside down at every junction to shake them down. I love Apple hardware, I hella respect Apple Safari, but this monopoly App Store bullshit has got to stop.
Thomas T. Thai
@Apple wants their 30% internet tax on all NFT transfers and rejected Coinbase app update in the App store. Yet, their in-app system doesn‘t support crypto.

Apple‘s duopoly needs to end.
Apple‘s "pirating" with their 30% internet tax needs to end.
Henry Paulino
@t3dotgg I didn’t know the App Store allows “coming soon” in update descriptions. I’ve been rejected before for describing features that were not currently included in the app
Alex MacCaw
Two weeks ago we released Reflect on Apple‘s App Store - it’s been a disaster.
Ramon Berrios
@castmagic_io is a web based app - we built an ios app as an added benefit for existing customers only.

However, apple just keeps rejecting it and asking for 30% of our revenue which makes no sense. The app is built for existing customers only so these people already have a subscription with us. We continue to submit explaining this but nope, they want 30%.
My App Store is running me mad, I want to download a free app and it’s insisting I add card details. Then it proceeds to reject every card I try ?